Feel free to get ahold of me, and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

My name’s Will (when I’m making music I go by StrangeFlow, and also 5ifty$ix K). I run, (record label), & (and a parody site called


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  1. Superb site. I appreciate how much work you’ve put into this… Just read your creativity 101 article. Great bit of writing there! Shared with my friends and networks…

  2. Congratulations on being featured in FreshlyPressed on WordPress front page! Well done! Bassadelic is indeed extremely well engineered in style and content.

    Please permit me to present a view from the Old World (we have sunshine today so I do not need to go and collect firewood from the forest)…

    The Sky/Eurobird satellite, footprinting on Europe and the Med, carrying both free-to-air and encrypted-pay-to-view channels, has, at the moment, thirty music channels up for viewing choice.

    I do not pay to view so I can see only about half of the thirty. Furthermore, of the ones that I AM able to watch, there are only two that I CAN watch without feeling ill. They are Vintage and Vault.

    Of the fifteen or so that I canNOT watch, a big bunch seem to be putting out Electronic Music (provided that I am applying that genre term accurately).

    The remainder, hidden from me, are what I, born ten days before John Lennon, call modern rubbish.

    However, I am forced to acknowledge that it says something when the Electronic Music (aka horrible computerised noise) proportion of the channels that I AM able to monitor, and do now and then, briefly, SO briefly, is successful enough to abide month after month. SOMEbody likes it!

    It fills me with warm happiness that you dear young dudes are finding some comfort and enjoyment, from Electronic Music, in this mess of a world that our shared ancestors made for us. Whoa! No! Don’t blame ME! It was here when I arrived, with the blitz and all going on!

    Notwithstanding all the foregoing, I must stoutly defend, if you will permit me, the Edwardian and Victorian songs that my Dad (1896-1984) and Mum (1908-1974) would present in their musical evenings in the late 1940s and through the 1950s.

    My parents and my four sisters (but not I) all played piano, and so (mostly religious) friends would come around for tea with sandwiches, cakes, and trifle, and then (after shared washing up joys) retire to the drawing room and it was Jerusalem, Bless this House, Violetta, Venice My City Of Dreams, Simon The Cellerer, Rose Dreams, and you name it, with us kids giving it our best lung-fulls, despite our supposed preferance for Rosemary Cloony and Guy Mitchel for a couple of them on the radio.

    In closing: the EM stuff wot you do is VERY CLEVER! Nobody can deny you that. OK? (Thinks: I’m not ENCOURAGING them am I?)

    • Thank you for the input. That’s good that you enjoy Victorian era music, nothing wrong with that. The article I did about Rolling Stone was not about how everyone should listen to new music, but to point out that a magazine that is purportedly “all about new music” (which they still seem to imply) should feature more new and relevant music.

      I don’t think I’m familiar with Edwardian music… I’m curious – what’s the difference between Edwardian and Victorian? :)

  3. Very nice site! So happy I stumbled upon it, I’ve been dragged to this corner of edm thanks to dubstep. And as an aspiring producer I love to experiment with dubstep, trap and juke. but as you may know good quality vocal samples and drum packs are hard to find so I’m very interrested in what your packs have to offer! The passion you use to talk music just keeps me on this site chilling out haha!

    • Real glad to hear it, man! And yea, dubstep brought a lot of new fans and producers into electronic music; juke’s been my favorite sound recently. Specifically, footwork jungle – but I enjoy a wide range of styles.

      As for the sample packs – there are demo’s of a lot of them to get you started, so you can tel if it’s something you want to buy. The trap packs are pretty popular on this site (actually getting ready to release a sequeal to the 500 trap vocal samples (shh! it’s a secret lol) and it should be a whole lot better than the first one, actually. That should be later this month.

      But yea man, glad you’re having fun chillin out to the site! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Feel free to hit me up or leave as much feedback as ya want, I love hearing everyone else’s opinions on all the topics discussed on the site.

  4. Sounds great! Also just started experimenting with glitch hop its so much fun to just take buzzing samples and create electric sounding synths and making a melody with it under a heavy hitting beat! maybe a glitch hop sample pack would be an idea (all kinds of glitchy error sounds haha).

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