5ifty$ix K


Go to Dynastyshit.com for the new album!

StrangeFlow was known for years in the underground bass music world for his forward-thinking, funky, and insane beats & grooves. His musical spectrum ranges from glitch hop to rap/hip hop to really tripped-out funk. Occasionally, he’ll get bored and make up a genre. Like ‘swunc,’ or ‘acid skrew,’ or ‘grungestep.’

Recently, however, he discovered footwork jungle (chicago juke mixed with jungle/dnb) he got inspired, and decided to have a go at helping to map out this new musical territory, thus creating the alias, 5ifty$ix K. Within weeks of this moniker transition, he has been featured on Mark Kloud’s Ground Bass label, and will also be a regular on his own self-created label, Dynasty Shit. With a penchant for heavy experimentation in sound, 5ifty$ix K strives to create interesting, (and sometimes bizarre and ridiculous) trax, and he’s been going all out for some of his new songs.

When he’s not making footwork jungle massacres or destroying stereos, 5ifty$ix is active online, creating and running both Bassadelic.com (an audio production company that specializes in unique sample packs and music rants/articles) and also jukemusicforum.com (the world’s first forum for juke/footwork music). He also does graphic design, and has two published books. He travels far too often, and as of this writing, he’s somewhere in California; though in a month or so, he’ll likely be on the opposite end of the country. I’m not sure what his problem is….anyway, the point is, he strives to be original, prolific, and come out with exciting creative material that makes people stop in their tracks and say, “Oh! Woah! My goodness, what the funk is this?”


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