FractalStein unveils the Metaselfie LP via Epoxy Records !!!

FractalStein’s Metaselfie LP

DARKO releases debut album on Epoxy Records today!!

DARKO – Ciphering Signal

NEW LABEL! NEW STRANGEFOW ALUM! 2 hours of funk. FREEEE FUNK!!! WT WTF TF?!?!?! Eperimental hardcore funky psychedelic shit here. Check it out, download it, fuck to it, dance and snort a bunch of hexedrone to it!!!

StrangeFlow-Free Funk-2 Hours!

The Asian Invasion of Japanese Mutation Bootyism! (Japan Knows What’s Up With Footwork & Juke Music)

Japanese Bootyism

Crypticz Drops a Jungle Footwork Bomb on the DanceFloor with His New EP!

Crypticz Junglist EP!

Goodnightmares Gives the World Some Soulful Speedy Vibez

GN’s Jazz Footwork

Dave Porter – BREAKING BAD THEME (Moduloktopus #ReTwerk)

Breaking Bad Remix

Kenlo is a Motherfucking Champion

Kenlo’s New One

TrainWreckers Podcast: My Favorite New Show

TrainWreckers Podcast!

Datahowler Releases New Vinyl, New Art, & New Terrariums on the Unsuspecting World

Datahowler’s New Material!

Flying Lotus' New Album - Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus Keeps Killin’ It

AlunaGeorge is Fucking Fantastic

AG is Fucking Fantastic

Enjoy Fall With Marenberg Kollektiv’s Reinterpretation of Hip Hop

Marenberg Hip Hop

My Interview with GalaxC Girl

My Interview with GalaxC Girl

Flosstradamus' New Trap Mix!

Flosstradamus Gets Banned

Madlib's 13-pound 'Brick' of Hip Hop

Madlib Gets Prolific, Again

SLAMBODY – My Interview with iONik (man of mystery)

David Starfire Drops Some More Hindi Bass Funk on The World!

Starfire’s Bollyhood Bass

Nuclear Bass Militia - 'Declaration of Irradiation'

Nuclear Bass Militia!

Melting things Down, with Atomic Reactor

Atomic Reactor Interview

Free ?uestlove Beats!

Free: ?uestlove Material

Débruit is a Motherfucking Champion

Débruit’s a Motherfucking Champion