Rave Chemistry



RC stands for many things. Rave Chemistry… Rich Centaur.. Really Crunk.. Rump Chasers… (rump chasers? Did I just type that? …sorry.) And it’s also RC COLA… Race Cars.. and then some people refer to them as “research” chemicals. Now, the only reason I put those quotations around the word research is because much of the time RC’s are considered knockoffs…. (Anyone had a look at HEXEN or 6-apb, the MDMA subsitute invented by Nichols in ’93 ( the year the MP3 was invented, actually… as well as 6-apb, the not-perfect (as in DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND READ EVERYTHING POSSIBLE ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS BEFORE BUYING A DAMN THING) but ALSO, etizolam is considered a “Research Chemical.” …It’s been prescribed literally BILLIONS Of times…. SINCE the 1960s.

SINCE the 1960s.. Let the sink in…

Etizolam is much like alprazolam, (“xanax,” in the US, is a brand name,) but with the benzene replaced on the phenylethylamine molecule with a theophene, creating a whole separate class (parallel to but unique, as compared to benzo’s) and it is this theino- substitution of the benzo on the ring of the molecule separating it from alprazolam. NOW… the FLU-part?

Many chemicals should be considered “research” materials.. And here is something you might want to know… Fluorination to the carbon of alprazolam *xanax* creates one of THE strongest binidngs in chemistry. Thats just a matter of fact. If anyone detrimental happens, it is that extremely rare case. Like… a girl drinks a glass of orange juice and explodes… It doesn’t really happen much..

Now, Flu-Alp, or flualprazolam, f-ap, or … i dunno… “happy fappy” … whatever its called, it is unscheduled. (IN THE US) it is NOT a new chemical. I actually talked to someone in Ann Arbor Michigan who helped put the the together decades ago in the laboratory. Yes, Michigan, the state, the one I live in. Anyway, I asked why it wasn’t sold.. He said things like Valium and a couple others were sold more, so it got shelved. Well.. THANK YOU INTERNET. Two years after me and a small handful of folks made a push for it, suddenly we’re seeing it pop up again. Yes – flualprazolam is back, and although it’s not an analogue (IN THE USA) because it’s not xanax is not a schedule 1 or 2 chemical (one of the necessary components for something to be considered “analogue” this F-AP is strong, so says every machine and merck or lab test or any piece of equipment. It is NOT FOR CHILDREN. I’M NOT saying that to get kids excited. No, seriously. Its enough to put an adult to sleep if not careful. So, please, no eating of this thing. Do not put it into propylene gylcol you get from amazon and mix it in a small bowl and in warm water and then take it out to shake, and then leave it alone, only to shake every day for a good long time until it is finally showing itself as clear as possible. Do not consume. DO NOT CONSUME. There are so many tings that can be learned from this. If people start to consume it, guess what? It’ll be made illegal in no time. Awesome? NOOO.

I think the war on drugs is, honestly, a war on the poor and minorites. But then you have reputable labs (FLU-ALP invented by one of the small few major companies, MERCK. (if it’s actually Sandoz or Upton , feel free to correct.)

There is more than Flu-Alp (a very very very strong xanax.. going for about 10 cents a milligram….

Yea. ten cents… But there are also things like etizolam, diclazepam (much like diazepam (valium) but stronger) and also Clonazolam.. (known as K-Pins, these would be K-Lins. Nobody calls em that. Just C-Lam, Clam,, Clonaz, Claz, Clonazolam, etc. Anyway, my friend has a site with these, as well as chemicals
with Benzo / theino- anxiolytics, as well as stimulants like nor-ethylated-hexedrone (colloqieally known as HEX or just HEXEN..) as well as 4-MPD.. And entactogens.. Ya know, enctactogens? MDMA is an entactogen.. Stimulation with domapine, seratonin release, reuptake like none other, and no MDMA is NOT sold on the site, but others in this class (that Shulgin helped pioneer in the 60s and 70s. No Methylone. Thank god.

So, if you are able to deal with this, and are responsible, and legal age in your country, and have the licensing or funding-AND-legal-ability-to-obtain-these, the site is in the link above or below. that is RCBESTSELL.COM

These are not candies. Please, if we’re not responsible, we’ll miss another GENERATION OF CHEMICALS. I’ll rant about the censorship of 1000 drugs later. No—no I’m serious.. Have you heard of MXE??? Everyone outside the U.S. has. or cathinones? Everyone outside the US has. We are passified by weed legalization, thinking we’re winning the war on drugs. Politicians know our arrogance on that one, we think we’re gaining so much tracion, they slip everything else aside. Some of these chemicals. … ex… a fluourinated version of phenmatrazine (what the Beatles enjoyed in Berlin in the 60s) are quite old. As a matter of fact, speaking of Germans, did you know they invented amphetamines? Footnote… Anyway, RCBS is honestly a very decent and honest. The guy who runs it is very nice. I’m trying to help him out. I think he’s got something going nicely. Cheap prices but honestly good quality..

Again, seriously , please, no consumption. nobody. Not you. Not your animals. Not your… (are fish an animal? ok well. NO FISH.) and this is only for Ravers and enthusiasts with an active interest AND KNOWLEDGE in chemistry. I
For reputable, responsible, ravers – and all the chem researching needs. The overlap of educated, safe and responsible adult club and rave-going music lovers and the the folks I’ve met wirh a solid interest and understanding in chemistry— that overlap is amazing. So here’s a site I’ve found, I’ll vouch for them (unless you are under 18… in which case, I would say, “Hey, kids, science is great, and you can really get hands-on when you’re older. Find teachers and mentors, learn everything you can, stay the hell IN school, amd be a resposible motha fuckin raver when the time comes. Not an EDM’R. though, please?

I am NOT encouraging anyone to take the new kind of longer-lasting alprazolam (xanax) or the etizolam (another benzodiazepine with a duration shorter and comparable to xanax) and I am ot encouraging you to do ANYTHING illegal or consume ANY of the things on the site below. I would’ve vouch for it just for the fuck of it. I trust my readers and respect their intelligence.

Yes, there are empathogens that are comparable to MDMA, there are a number of them, as well as stimulants; but that’s fine, as some are rather interesting, chemically and in regards to their molecular design and other noteworthy bits of information gleaned in a proper studio/laboratory setup and for RESEARCHING only. Please, please, please, understand that this site is NOT for consumption. It is strictly for adults with a keen interest in science. For the young Shulgins. And , on the cheap. And, on the legal. And hey, I mean, shit, I gotta pay the bills somehow, and this seems like a great way!

Click below (or here) for legal rave research chemz (yes, of course all legal).  I vouch. -SF

-Will (strangeflow) July 1st, 2018. BE CAREFUL GUYS!