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There are literally hundreds of blog posts, but I’ve stopped putting most of them on the main page, I got tired of dealing with inserting little lines of code every time I’d want to make a post. You can call it lazy if you want, I can’t disagree, BUT – the main point is:

If you want to see what’s NEW, check out the BLOG section … If you’re on mobile, you might need to click on MENU to get there. There are lots of great posts. 100s of them. This new method will be better, I reckon !!!

I’ve left a few of the more popular posts of the last few months on THIS page (below) but the bulk of this site is now available either on the tabs section (blog, top tens, store, etc) or you can access that with the MENU button if you’re on a mobile device or on tablet..    THANKS!!!

The Extreme Motivation BOOK (and yes, there’s swearing.. cuz fuck it!)
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If you enjoy psychedelic ambient / psydub music, here’s a TON of music for you Click here!

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100 Free Mixes by DnB Legend, LTJ BUKEM Click here!

But yea, I  decided to clean up the site a little bit, so I’ve left the most recent fifty or so on the right-hand menu :-) Or you can search by month. There are TONS of posts, and I figured I just don’t feel like coding all the new posts into the table format. Thanks for understanding :)

-Will (StrangeFlow)