For general articles and rants about music, I’ve set up this section, called, ‘Rants.’ Not to be confused with tutorials, these posts are more on the music theory/video-tutorial/how-to article tip of things.

ADM vs. EDM, Lingerave, & Hope for Electronic Music in 2014 !! (a sizable rant by StrangeFlow)


The Return of PLUR! Or, PLUR 2.0, or, I don't know, something else...

The Return of PLUR

The Bossa Nova Affect.. How Some Music Slips Through the Cracks...

Why Some Music Dies

Why It’s OK To Keep Your Mix a Little Dirty

Why to Keep it Dirty

2013 & Beyond… What Styles of Music Will Get Big in the Future?

2013: the Future of Music

Analyzing the Errors of The Internet's Biggest Myth


The Viral Hoax... Because Not Everyone Deserves Fifteen Minutes of Fame... Sorry...

The Viral Hoax

House Music Will Never Die... Death Just Wasn't Written Into it's Funky DNA!

House Music Can’t Die

Jazz Music Isn't What It Appears (And Neither is Punk Rock, For That Matter)

Why Jazz Music Is Beyond Genre

How Rolling Stone Fell Out of Relevancy (The Most Controversial Article I've Ever Published On This Site. People Were Really Up in Arms About This One!

How Rolling Stone Fell Out of Relevancy


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