6 comments on “How to Make Money Selling Your Music Online

  1. Nice article. Would’ve been nicer if you weren’t such a douche bag. Myspace is not dead, I use it. I had like 100 plays on my songs. I don’t sellmp3s much, whatevr, i dont really want to. Bassadelic, don’t hate on myspace jus cuz you’re not smart enough to get your account deelted. douche! never even heard too much about spotify though. ill lookinto it but i doubt its worth my time!!

    • Ha! Man of course you got a Myspace 247bitch, of course you do. This littlle paragraph here made my day.

      BTW , it IS possible to delete your account on Myspace, but I’ll say it’s extremely fucking difficult,and I see why anyone probbly jus gave up in the end anyway, out of anger towards myspace. fuck myspace. i dont think any serious musician would really push their Mypace page.

    • The fact that when I click on your name I’m taken to a site called ‘Perpective Athletics,’ where you misspelled the word ‘Perspective,’ (in the title) is also a pain ;)
      Nah, I’m just joking, man. It’s unfortunate that you don’t enjoy the writing style, but to each his own. Perhaps you’ll enjoy some other article on the site, next time :)

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