41 comments on “Huge Trap Beats Giveaway, 60 Free Beats For ya :)

      • Hi mate. Thanks very much… Thinking of using it for a TV show I do called the 4 o’clock club. Once aired I’ll send you a link if you like… Nothing in the inbox yet but I’m patient! Thanks. Mikis

        • Hey, that sounds great, an definitely sen me a link to the show! I would LOVE to hear!!
          As fr as the samples, might want to check your spam filters or junk mail. I’ve been told that they end up there. It’s a tradebit link, and a lot of email services interpret that as being ‘junk.’ But let me know if you get it, or else I’ll have to send out another! :)

  1. Will love to have samples which i do make music. Posted my music on SoundCloud & now on a YouTube Channel i created

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