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Oct 11

1.6 gigs, 600+ files: the electro swing ultra bundle. BIGGEST BUNDLE of real authentic swing samples in the history of the fucking universe.

Oct 11

if you were to produce a sound louder than 1,100dB, you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxyClick here!

Oct 6

Free Distortion Plugin Giveaway by Rancorsoft! Get Hardcore Without Paying for it!
Free? YES! Click!

Oct 4

(1 GB!!) Vol 4 of Electro Swing Samples and 100 Royalty-Free Swing Songs Available Right Now! And there’s a free demo of these samples, too. Check that out as well! Click here!

Oct 6

Teklife superstar DJ MANNY releases new fire on dynasty shit records!

Oct 5

Top 12 Headphone Porn Shots; Click here!

Aug 9th

the StrangeFlow Goes to Far Folder is opened up again..
It’s August already? Uh oh. Click here.

August 19

StrangeFlow’s Review of Super Angry Distortion Plugin ! Click here!

Aug 1st !

August 2014 @ Bassadelic… Check it oot
It’s August already? Ohhh snappppppp!! Click here

July 30th

Breakcore’s not dead. New breakcore-footwork EP by StrangeFlow’s super-group, Big Bass Outlaws
Click here!

July 1st !

New Group of lunatic jackasses, ‘Big Bass Outlaws,’ Destroy Raves and Happily Blast Footwork/Breakcore Everwhere They Go. Fucking Lunatics
New Music? CLICK HERE!

July 1st !!

Footwork Bundle! On sale for the summer, over 1000 samples, vocals and beats and drums and melodies – ready to meet all of y’all 160+ music needs ;)
Click here!

May 19

breakcore footwork infects the airwaves
5ifty$ix K? CLICK HERE!

May 24

Yuri Ruins Urple Eeple’s New Booms n Claps Compilation
Click here!

May 22

New Vinyl : Electro Blues Compilation is Comin Out!
Click here!

May 11

New kind of hardcore: 5ifty$ix K releases world’s first footwork-breakcore album, pollutes dancefloors everywhere! Now available !
5ifty$i K? CLICK HERE!

May 15

Breakcore Comp That’ll Melt Your Brain… Featuring Samples from Veselaya Karusel, an Old Soviet Cartoon
Слиск хере! Click here!

May 6

It’s the Bassadelic World Heat-Map!!! Free Greenland Trance Downloads, and 3-D Iranian Experimental Music, too!
Another StrangeFlow Rant? Meh, Ok. I’ll CLICK!

May 5

Tautixx Release a Chillwave with “#letmechill”.. (if you wanna relax, this is the track for you)

april 16th

3,000 Trap Samples Bundle Released….ahh, if only Lil Wayne or T.I. had these samples, they’d still have decent careers right now…
Ultimate Trapppp! click.

April 14th

Padlock Offers a FREE DL of the World’s First Footwork-Breakcore Mixtape—It’s. Fucking. Fun. As. Fuck.


V.Snares is putting out a new album in JUNE! Hooorraaaayyy!!


Urple Eeple’s Microwave Beat project. “You Decide What I Finish,” (Day 7: Bootleg of Bollywood O Babuaa Yeh Mahua Mahakne Laga – Asha Bhosle – Sadma)

March 15

New Orleans Bounce Samples – (free + it’s only bounce sample pack on the internet)
Yeaaa! Click

March 12

Jay Z and Daft Punk Worked on a New Track (& it just got “leaked” …) Listen to it Here

Feb 20

More 160 dope; a new footwork jungle EP by your favorite producer, 5ifty$ix K ;)
Yeaaa! Click

Feb 24

Just a little bit more motivation for all y’all motivated badasses in the Bassadelic Army. Yea, that’s right, I said, “Bassadelic Army.”

Feb 18

Keri Bellybelle Interviewed Me for Her 10:30 Podcast !!!
Yeaaa! Click

Feb 18

new hardcore footwork breakcore tune from 5ifty$ix K !!

Feb 3

15 HOURS OF FUNK (subtitle: Here’s Where I’m Spending My Entire Funking Week ) Thanks, Funkadelia !
Yeaaa! Click

Feb 3

Free Polish Juke Music — Miko’s ‘Do They Know Ya’ EP !! Some fun hardcore beats for your mind and your feet

Feb 3

J∆ZZ✞♠ Drops HOURS of FREE Soulful Breaks n Grooves, Download This!
Soul me up!

Feb 1

Huuu huuu!!! February is here!
Ch-Check it Out!

January 17th

New Electro Swing Track! The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire (Addemdial Remix)

January 17th

(free) CRUNKSAUCE VOL 2 is OUT NOW!! (a New Glitch Hop Comp)
Click here

January 3rd

Free Electro Swing Samples (Vol. 3 !!) DEMO
Aw, Horsefeathers! This is something I want to look into! Click!

January 1st

The Juke Music Forum Compilation is Here, and FREE!
Click here

January 1st !

Fuck Off 2013, it’s time for 2014 !!
Click here to see what’s up!

January 1st

Animatronics Perform ‘Pop, Lock and Drop it’
Click here

December 22

Free Giveaway of 300 New Glitch Hop / Noise Fx Samples! “Drumpocalypse!”
Download! *and read the comic*

December 18

Fuck yes, Billy! Click Here!!

December 18

Free Download of KID606′s NEW Mix
Download/stream here!

December 17

Extreme Motivation for Creative People (PART 2 !)
Pump me the funk upppp!!! Click

December 12

2014 – EDM vs ADM, Lingerave, and Hope for Electronic Music (a StrangeFlow Rant @ Bassadelic.com)
WTF is ADM.. click here..

December 14

Extreme Holiday Discount on Sample Packs. Guarenteed to Get your Candy Cane Sticky as Fuck
Click here!

December 5

Top Ten Electro Swing Songs of 2013 !! (So far, the BEST year for this genre, IMO)
Ooooh boy! Click here!

December 2

The Asian Invasion of Japanese Mutation Bootyism! (Japan Knows What’s Up With Footwork & Juke Music)
Click here!

December 1

December ! 2014 is Coming ! Fuck off 2013 !
Ready for the FUTURE?


HUUUGE Cloud Rap Atmospherics Sample Pack is Here :)
Click here!


Facestorm CONTEST! What’s The Best Sample Pack EVER?


Free Footwork Jungle Compilation by Dynasty Shit Records!!
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Free! 63 Royalty-Free Super-Hard (Gabber-Strength) Kick Drums! (Free for November!)
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Oh fuck, it’s November! Get Weird!
I want to motivate myself! Click!

Shlohmo Never Dissapoints (subtitle: “Vocals…the New Electric Guitar”)
If you want some delightful r’n’b vibez, some of that new soulful and super-effected hip hoppish burial-ish alternat rnb shit, look no further than this magical gem of a jam:
Mmmhmm! Click!!


It’s HERE!! Huge Package (0.6 GB) of Africa Dance Samples, Vol. 1: Melodies and Percussion
Click here to get some African dance music samples!

Crypticz Drops a Jungle Footwork Bomb on the Dance Floor with His New EP on Dynasty Shit !
Hell Yes! Click!!


‘Make Workaholics Look Fucking Lazy,’ & Other Overly Aggressive Motivational Quotes for Creative People
I want to motivate myself! Click!

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