19 comments on “BIG Electro Swing Sample Pack is HERE!

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  2. Snap. I got my copy. it’s helpful. gonna get a couple tracks up soon here. Will you review them Bassadelic?

      • I’d love to have a post with a bunch of tunes that people have built that incorporate samples I’ve created. I know for a fact that there are some out there, floating around on the interweb… or the more sinister “dark web” (?) mua ha ha ha

      • Hello! I recently purchased the electro swing samples pack vol. 1. I chose to pay through the e-voucher or whatever and it took a week. I just got charged the 26$ but have yet to recieve a download link??

        • Hey Ian. I dont know what the problem was with that transaction, but I’ll look into it right now and hook ya up. Sorry about that. Sometimes the merchant sites I use make mistakes, but I’ll make sure you get that pack! Thanks for being patient man!!


          • Alright, just took care of it, I dont know what happened but you should be getting a couple emails in the next hour or so (check your spam/junk filter btw) with a download link for that electro swing 1 sample pack, and a second email to give you the second electro swing sample pack too, to try to make up for messing up.. So, hope things work out, and again, sorry about that mistake, man. Hope you enjoy the samples though! :)

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  4. That may have Volume 2 for free, I will definitely purchase this first volume.
    Good transcription of this ancient era.

    • I did take it down, yes. There should be another electro swing package coming soon, but the first one isn’t being sold anymore… Sorry for the error page!! I know how annoying those are.

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  6. May I ask why this release was taken down ? Copyright issues or ? … I bought this package 3 years ago and just wanna make sure thats its safe to use in a commercial production. Thanks for your hard work and time !

    • I’d say it could be sketchy as the compositions might be copyright expired but the recordings might not be. Maybe Strangey himself can clarify this as I may be wrong.

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