10 comments on “The Forty-Year Trojan Horse: a House Music Conspiracy Theory

  1. quite an impressive analysis … you make a lot of good points. still, these are the genres of a generation and i’m sure they’ll evolve over time… maybe everything will be dubstep or glitch in 5 years time. greetings from http://t3xradio.com

    • yea, maybe. but that also fits in with what I’m saying, too, I think – I’ve been making Glitch Hop for years, and it’s definitely got a lot of hip hop in it. Plus, the really popular glitch hop at least LEANS towards house.

      • well it has to lean towards house in order to be popular and endorsed by clubs… nevertheless, the transition from DJ Vadim style hip hop beats to Glitch has been quite astonishing actually, it just shows how generational tastes orient themselves from melodic to technologic. For me personally the move from electro to dubstep is a an abomination and yet it turns out it was just what the doctor ordered to get america hooked on EDM

  2. I totally agree. House music is the route of almost every trashy commercial pop song that litters the charts today. I’m a massive of fan of house music and have been for years and years, but I really don’t have any interest in the David Guetta-esque music which is all over the charts and is extrememly popular at the moment – I do love Guetta’s ‘Just A Little More Love’ (Wally Lopez Remix). OK, yes, it’s catchy and I probably know the lyrics, but it’s sooooo repetitively annoying to here the same sound over and over on numerous tracks. Saying that, I quite like Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’, ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Where Have You Been’

    When I think of house music I think of a funky riff over a summery hedonistic beat and a black woman singing over the top….. how can anyone not like that American Garage sound. It’s joyous and brings a massive glamour tinged smile to my face. Handbag house rocks….. so, so, so good! Bobby D’Ambrosio feat Michelle Weeks ‘Moment Of My Life’ is a prime example of the stuff I’m into! Don’t understand how anyone can not like this vibe!


    At the moment, I’m really liking Roisin Murphy’s collaboration with David Morales….. two fierce artists who have the perfect skills for producing amazing house music!


    I’m also a big fan all types of dance music barring ‘dubstep’…. I mean, I like a few tracks, mainly from Katy B’s album, but nah, I can’t get into it. I can appreciate it, but seriously don’t love it! N.O!!!!


    My favourite dance music artists at the moment are ‘The 2 Bears’ and ‘Azarii & III’!

    • Wow, thanks for the lengthy response! Very interesting words man. Im gonna check out your blog in a second here.

      I like your quote: “When I think of house music I think of a funky riff over a summery hedonistic beat and a black woman singing over the top….. how can anyone not like that American Garage sound.”

      ha! Word! Good ol’ house! :) Glad you’re reading the posts man! Hope you come back to the site!! :)

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