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    • Well, maybe jazz isn’t your thing. It’s all good. But yes, there’s always a lot to think about when it comes to music, if you’re so inclined. I’m a major music nerd, though, so I have fun with it. It’s not always necessary, but it can be fun.

  1. I’m a jazz pianist and about a year ago I started getting into producing some bass rattling music. I must say I agree with you on the aesthetic part. Theres just that cool feel that is jazz. You hear jazz influences in all sorts of EDM. Hip hop is full of it. Jazz never died, it just changed.

  2. Interesting piece about jazz… I must beg to differ with you as to the statement ‘Most people see jazz as a passing trend which is basically dead,” EXCUSE ME!!!! I would like to let you know that, to millions of people all over the planet, classic jazz music (Miles Davis, John Coltraine, the Giants kind of music) is VERY alive and well, not to mention MIND-BLOWINGly great!! Case in point: Enrico Pieranunzi whom I saw live in Copenhagen just last night in a trio. So Please, Mr. Bassadelic, enlighten and elucidate your young readers who, like the fellow above, do not know anything about some of the very best music on the planet, so that they too can learn what it means to be utterly transported to a whole other realm by this music alone.

    • Actually, I quite agree that classic jazz is still really good. I’ve been blowing up Giant Steps by Coltrane all week :) its the only jazz I got so far on my new laptop i got a couple weeks ago (except for some awful Weather Report track that I forgot to delete, haha) but yea, of course folks still enjoy jazz. My point was, though, that a lot of people think it’s dead, or at least, not popular. This is the perception among most people, I would still contend. People do think jazz’s heyday is in the past. Sorry that offends you, but that’s what people DO think..

      Since this is a bass/edm blog, I try to generally talk about things as they relate to the subject of modern electronic music, which is why writing an entire article about jazz and how it ties in with electronic music is one of the most fitting jazz-themed articles I could post to this site. I also posted about the modern electro swing movement https://bassadelic.com/2012/07/19/top-ten-electroswing-tunes/ and offered electro swing samples, so that some folks might delight in incorporating some of these old classic jazz sounds into their mixes https://bassadelic.com/2012/08/03/big-electro-swing-pack-sample-pack-is-here/ as well as a Miles Davis sample package that I linked to…

      So, as far as me telling people about “classic jazz,” I’m really doing more than any other electronic/bass music blog out there is – and dedicating multiple posts and a good number of hours providing jazz samples.. so… not sure what else you’re looking for, realistically…..?

      • Hi, thanks for your reply to my comment, and for elucidating me as to your purpose with the blog and your efforts to educate the uneducated masses about jazz music…. I appreciate what you are working towards, and although my tastes obviously lie elsewhere than modern electronic music, I am glad that you are doing what you can to help those who are clueless (yes there are far too many). The only thing I would add is to question your idea of ‘people out there really do see jazz as a dying or possibly dead music trend” not sure which people those are, but you obviously must know that there are also many people the world over who would say that jazz is very much alive and well in all of its variations in the year 2012. My own opinion, (well founded) is that we live in parallel universes here on Earth, musically as well as in many other ways…. and the more one universe can overlap and learn from the others, the better for our common humanity. thanks for the reply… SB

        • Word, I agree that our universes should bend and meet! :) Thanks for the excellent responses, too, man; always appreciated. And yea, you’re probably right, there are folks who think jazz is still kickin it. In my little music world, I still love some Brazillian bossa nova and some nice bop.. (Bird used to be my all-time favorite till I played his tracks out way too often, lol!) But hey, I’ve always wished bossa or bop would have kind of electronic infusion… I would LOVE to see that, to be honest with ya. Don’t know if it would fit in with your personal choice of aesthetics, but I would LOOOVE to see or hear or witness a super-bass’d-out bop movement :)

          • Hey Bassadelic, thanks for the amusing reply, I laughed out loud…. a super bass’d out bop movement, is that sort of like Funkadelics meet Coltraine, or maybe Billie meets Rick james or something weird like that> anyway, I agree, it is good for universes to meet and bend, as you so eloquently phrased it… I’ll check out your blog again, I liked it and could probably learn something about electronic bass music….

            • Nah, I hate mashups. But you were close when you mentioned Coltrane… The conversation you started got me inspired to figure out how a bass’d out bop song actually WOULD sound… so I started working on a little experiment. I’ll post it probably this week or next

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