11 comments on “Top Ten Old Skool Jungle Tunes

  1. I would need to add Origin Unknown – The Touch one of my personal all time favs. a fucking banger for sure

    but yeah proud to say i have a few of these on original pressing

    • Don’t care for jungle, and don’t care for this track. Drumstep is the closest to jungle I’ll get. Jungle n crum’n’bass is so old noobody cares. Neuro is better. KOAN sound is where it’s at. here..

      Drumstep is mostly stupid, jungle is dead, its all about dubstep now,get with it Bassadelic. Seriously come on. Electro is also OK..

      • What the fuck, ’24/7Bitch’ ?? If jungle is dead, why the fuck we all talking bout it? Jungle and DnB are STILL the shit, I don’t care what some little 12 year old punk ass like you thinks, fo real. Go back to your parent’s basement and listen to some of more of that KOAN SHIT Sound. Why the hell ya blastin pages for sites you shouldn’t be on in the first place? LOL! I wouldn’t go to a KOAN Sound page and start bitching about how they ain’t jungle, ya dig?

  2. Remarc was great. Two bad mice, dj ss also. Jungle’s definitely making a comeback. Drumstep is just the first step!

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  4. What a blast from the past. Love all the old Skool jungle tunes reminds me of my paradise se1 laser drone roller express Sunday roast days and of course listening to kool fm

  5. Man, takin me back, back to the days… old skool stylz man, grooving n moving, happy n high… but now ur website n selecta’d sounds have started me on a new adventure! The tunes man rocked – sending tingles down into the base of my spine. Wicked lyrics, well wicked complilation and great inspiration man sharing the jungly dnb lurvvve. A BIGUP RESPECT
    THANK U!!!

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