22 comments on “600+ Chicago Juke Samples IS FINALLY HERE!!!

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  2. FFUUUUUCK YEEEESS!!! Probably the best deal for samples for orginal juke n ghetto house produktion, thanks

  3. Did NOT get the free pack from you, I guess I was here a little too late :( for the giveaway :( :( but I still decided to buy the thing, and I’m very happy with it, so I thought I would leave some love!

    This is going to help out quite a bit Bassaelic thank you very much! juke beats!!

    • Yea, the free packs went fast, now if ya want one, it’s for sale (and on sale at 16 bucks) but I’m glad ya decided to buy it, and very glad you’re happy with it, Jen!! :) Would love to hear any mixes or original tunes you make with these beats and samples :)

      Happy mixin Jen!!

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