3 comments on “The Sloweb: Taking a Second Look at the Notion of Internet Connectivity…


    Also, when are you gonna post your ill bass fishing tips?? Up until now all I can catch is Cod and Trout. Been wanting to get Bassadelic up in here but I can only manage to be Troutadelic or Codtastic. HALP StrangeFlow!

  2. The site’s called Bassadelic because originally I was writing fish articles 24/7. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep. Well, I did eat a little bit of fish, but… it was a rough time… But my articles were way too NEXT LEVEL, and all the other competing fish sites ended up paying me to stop writing about bass. You’d be surprised how much money the Big Fish industries are willing to pay to shut you up…

    Glad ya liked the cat.

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