3 comments on “Shitty Remixes, Hollywood, & Music Purists: Three Time-Tested Gauges of Popularity in Culture…

  1. I loved your rant, Bassadelic…. it made me laugh more than once. You are quite the poet, albeit a post-post-POST modern one at that…. and I admit I was a teeny bit sad that you didn’t wax lyrically about Three’s company…. (another rainy Seattle day, perhaps) but you certainly nailed it about trends and the fact that once any trend goes Hollywood mainstream, it you are of the avant garde breed then it is definitely time to find something new to do…. I’d like your thoughts on some of those old pioneers of electronic music, like Brian Eno and others way back during the start of that genre.
    thanks for the post, SB

    • Again, man, thanks for the interesting response :) I hope I didn’t come off as too bitter bout Three’s Company, I consider it the quintessential template for the American sitcom, I’ve seen every episode….(well, except for a few from Season 8… once it got to the mid-80s, the show kinda took a dive… it’s hey-day was DEF the late 70s, in my arrogant opinion….) but yea, glad you enjoyed my post-post-POST modernism. If there’s one thing I strive for, it’s posting a triple post-mod blog post! hahaha :)

      With dubstep, specifically, there was more at work then JUST the avante-garde-ness, though… dubstep went through a few face changes in the last few years.. First, it went from being weed-smoking-ambient-british-music to straight-up-filthy-and-harder-than-most-heavy-metal… and that style was easy to mutate into the top40 / poppy / brosteppish / hollywoodish style it’s known for now… Not a bad thing for a genre like dubstep to blow up in popularity, it’s just that the mood of the dubstep shows went from ravers and clubbers to incorporating more of a fratboy atmosphere, which is, I think, what a lot of people got tired of pretty quickly. Anyway, that’s my thought on dubstep… But I stick behind my rant.. I mean.. theory.. ;) and I’m glad you enjoyed the post, man! Would love to rant about some of the older EDM. BTW, I need to show you a bass’d out Coltrane mix I just finished. Soon!

      All the Best!

      • Thanks for the rant about dubstep…. now I know more than I did before about it. Keep fighting the good fight, Bassadelic, the world needs ones such as you to keep things in balance…. blessings on your weekend, wherever you are!

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