4 comments on “Why It’s OK To Keep Your Mix a Little Dirty

  1. I’m a bit confused about the “super-clean sounds” in glitch hop? isn’t the whole goal in glitch hop to incorporate low fi/distorted/bit crushed synths and samples in your mix?

    • See, I would agree with that a lot; you can go either way, hi-fi, or noisy, or both… it’s aesthetic, to a large extent; but there are some glitch hop musicians who definitely want to keep it way-too-super-clean, like they’re making pop… And to me, that often takes something away from it..

  2. Bur you’re right, Jeremiah, glitch hop used to be about the lofi sounds being arranged and distorted and looped and played with… But then a clean-wave came in, and some glitch hop producers have shed nearly everything about what it is to be glitchy.. In fact, I’ve heard songs that just have a hip hop beat, and sub bass, and some folks think THAT’S glitch hop lol

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