31 comments on “New Glitch Hop / Breakcore / Noise Fx Samples! “Drumpocalypse!”

    • No problem! They’ll be shot your way later on today, I’m gonna try to send em out all at once, but you’ll definitely be getting up, fresh off the grill!!!

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. So since you replied does this make it comment numero 3 or 4? I want dat fresh hotness on 20″ inch. chromes, ya feel me?

  2. Haha, I never count my own comments Dugg ! :) You’ll all be getting the samples.. :)

    BTW, if you don’t get em in the next half hour, check your spam / junk inbox.. :)


  3. The last few folks who put their names in, I’ll glady send you guys the samples. I’m only able to get online for a little while right now, the power went out here in mid-michigan :( , so as soon as I can, I’ll send you guys the free samples. THhanks for the interest!! :-)

  4. I would like to check out these samples as well. THis is a really dope-looking blog as well; I’ll be checking out your content, looks like good stuff.

  5. Give me free shit yo! I still think you should have kept the name ‘involving poles and anal cavities’ ;)

  6. Alright guys, just got my electricity back on. (fucking michigan power-storms… half a milllion people without power) I now have a new appreciation for lightbulbs, internet connections and indoor heat that I’ve never had before.

    Anyway, I sent the rest of the samples out. I think there’s still a few more slots for people to comment and get some free noise samples, though. So if anyone’s still interested, just hit me up on this comments page and say “Yo, Bassy Will, Hook it up, nerd!,” and I will. I will.

    Thanks for the incredible patience, everyone!!

    • Hey Mark! Yes, I’ll gladly send you a copy of this, thanks for hittin me up! Sorry it took a couple days, I haven’t been at the site in a couple of days. But I’ll be sure to send the samples out there, expect them in the next hour or so :)

  7. Realise i am a bit late on this but is there any chance i can get a copy of this pack still??


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