15 comments on “2013 & Beyond… What Styles of Music Will Get Big in the Future?

  1. You know what would be cool as fuck? An anti-swag movement. Like straight up trashbags instead of raincoats, nasty broke ass shoes with holes in em, busted spectacles / monocles kinda shit. Straight up FUCK SWAG swag, nahmean?

  2. Hey, thanks for the snapshot of these different kinds of … music, though I must say I use the word loosely…. It seems to me that the best way I can understand what this is about is to compare it to another language altogether, and culture. For sure I don’t understand it any more than I understand or can truly appreciate Chinese….. I can only say that music at its best is a heart experience, as well as a body-movement experience, and nothing here touches either my heart nor body at all….. it’s like on a different frequency altogether than the one upon which I live. The other very noticeable thing about it is that for me personally, of course, the repetitiveness is very boring… I guess I love the old jazz so much and also brilliant classical music improvisation because it is NOT repetitive and boring, but rather constantly flowing and changing and moving in and out of places and into others….
    Still, it is interesting to read some of your blog and find out about this type of electronic music and its subcategories. At the end of the day, if music doesn’t move me in any way, then I have no interest in it, no matter what the genre. Thanks for what you are doing, BassMan, because I can see that you actually care a lot about this and know a whole lot about it, and write in a very eloquent and stylisitic way… and I appreciate that very much. blessings on your soul and your journey, SB

    • its cool, my jazzy sister. I suppose the article was more about the the future of music — IN context of electronic music / hip hop. I don’t know what the future of jazz music is… or.. the future of old jazz.. ? If you write about something related to that, I’d love to read it, though!

  3. I have always wondered this type of stuff. Like i forever anticipated something like drumstep to surface and establish. Back in 2001 i constantly made hip hop beats at 165 – 180 bmp, with dnb flavour and pure 36 style kick drum loops. It just made alot of sense for that style of beat to be present.

    before dubstep, i was already heavy into Uk garage since when i was a 15 year old junglist during the late 90’s. them days the Rave scene in Toronto was up there for Top rave spots on the planet, words cant discribe the mayhem that when down on a weekly basis. I am super greatful to bad been there to see very dnb dj and mc that ever touched down in town. So my point is that i luckly have been on the front lines at an early age during just the right time. Witnessing the music of the future sometimes months before thing officially happen or get released anyways. Having the privlage of hearing spanking fresh dubplates brought over by big uk headliners every week dating back to the 90’s listing to dnb tapes in high school while most kids my age only even had a clue as to what music out there from what was played on basic cable in the 90s. Pretty much a lot people still listened to the same Nirvana, Rage, and Green day that I had back in grade 6. Meanwhile im Watching new genres like darkside dnb slowly evolve and blowing me away.. .

    sooo… as the years continue into 2000’s watched dubstep & grime through its pregnancy in real time before it was offical. Hearing scream’s Midnight request when i came out was pretty defining, cause its was all just about garage. Seeing how grime has come so far, some people dont realize that dudes like Mc Vapour had been doing Bassline Garage since the beginning of time and pretty muched paved the way as far as mcing to 140bmp. shit i should just stop writing . I

    I am hoping to see the whole bass culture that has evolved to the genres such as electro, dubstep and inbetween, i hope and think they will naturally come back to their routes as far having something that sound fucking dope. And that would be hearing house or electro that has tradition Uk Garage characteristics. the basslines and beat loop, and whole garage style. Now that dubstep turninged into such a dick riding waste in some rescpect, there is room for propper house to take its place.

    I have a source of new dubs that currently come out daily out of a certain part of U.K. and its exactly what I am looking for in house. It is garage electro crack house all the way. But having been a listening to garage since the start i believe that future trends that would prosper is new electro and house that follows in the footsteps of Garage .

    my 2 cents for the hour

    • Well thank you for the personal and well-informed response! Very appreciated to see that you took the time and effort to write all that! I definitely remember the 90s scene too, in electronic, and I definitely feel ya on how everyone was listening to Nirvana and Green Day, and when they’d look at my playlist, half the people would think I was cool as fuck, and the other half thought I was listening to “some gay techno,” so, I guess with extreme hate mixed with extreme admiration, somehow it… works out?… hahah…

      But yea, what you said definitely resonated with me, to an extent. I remember when 2step n garage was big, and I loved that sound, even though NO one in the US knew what the fuck it was (with a few exceptions) I was definitely not on the cutting edge when dubstep came out though… Btw though, I need your dubplate source ;) hook me up? :-D

      Thanks for the words man!!

  4. I’m a rock guy but ehhh! You’re probably right about rock being so boring. Jack White is da bomb.
    I like your article. Thanks. – Chris

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