4 comments on “1200 TRAP SAMPLES! Ultimate 3-in-1 Trap Super Pack..

  1. It won’t let me buy the bundle it keeps saying you need to verify your account because you can only make test payments or something! What now?

    • Hey, I just emailed you a bit ago. I’m sorry about the problems, but I think there’s a way around it if you send the $33 directly to my paypal email ( williamsimondunn@gmail.com ) and I can send you the bundle right away. (Plus, I’ll throw in some extra goodies, since you are going out of your way a little bit here and it’s probably frustrating on your end… )

  2. I am very interested in this pack. I am already producing trap and am looking for quality sounds to incorporate into my songs. Just had a few questions for you: I’m unsure of what the bit quality is, is there anyway I can hear demos of some of the sounds to see for myself? Were the issues with Elan’s purchase resolved and if so, what is the best method of payment? Hope you get back to me Bassadelic, love your blog man!

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