17 comments on “Angryrancor’s Guide to Making Trap Beats (+ 12 Free Samples!)

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  2. I’m sorry but none of your “trap tunes” example are trap beats, save for the use of 808’s. While the tips were okay, what you make is not trap at all.

  3. Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree homeboy.

    At least I would call them “trap inspired”. But whatever man I’m not Lex Luger, just trying to give out some of my own beats and tips.

  4. @Andrei hahah not trap? wat the fuck!! These are great mane dont be a snob, dudes taking time to help a ton of producers an this IS what most of them lookin for

  5. i have to agree with Andrei…none of your beats are trap beats. i dont think he is being a snob, he’s just being honest. i was looking for some more info/tips for some trap inspired beats…i came upon this page, and to my dismay….the information was okay, but the examples were completely off the mark. decent beats, but deffinately no type of trap beat.

  6. Damn, can’t post anything on the internet anymore without people checking your cred. Who needs the NSA right, Strange??

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