53 comments on “Free Vintage Electro Swing Samples For the World!! It’s the Best Giveaway of 2013!

  1. Alright everyone, I’m going to leave for a couple hours, but I’ll be back. In the mean time, your comments might not show up right away, but after I get back I will “approve” all of them in the right order, and I will count the first 20 posts that come in from the swing-lovin’ world ;)

    thanks for showing up so quickly everyone :) :)

    • Hey Chris! Thanks for commenting. I see you bought the sample pack a minute ago.. I was about to send you one for free, though, so if you want me to refund that purchase you just made, let me know :) The way I usually do this is I send a discount for the sample pack and it says something like “You can have this pack for $0.00,” something like that.. So, let me know if you want me to click the refund, or if you want to do it yourself, or if you just wanted to buy the pack, straight up, man :)


  2. Thanks to everyone who commented so far. I only counted about ten so far, which is pretty good for the first few hours, but there’s still definitely time to get more folks some bonified electrified vintage swing music!! :) Also, just sent out the first ten sample packs.. :)

    Thanks everyone!

    • haha, its all good man. When I get to twenty, I’ll give the rest of the samples away to you and the rest of the awesome folks who commented, should be soon, I’ll guess within a few hours.. I think a lot of folks are probably at work right now.. in the US anyway… though not in France, where half the views are comin from today :)

  3. Just sent a bunch more out to ya guys! Including the ones that didn’t get ’em but should’ve a couple a days ago.. Make sure you check your junk mail / spam / all mail folders, as it could’ve made it’s way to you through their. :) Let me know, guys :)

    • I’m afraid the giveaway is over.. However you can still get it while it’s on sale. I usually keep the prices somewhat lower for the beginning, but eventually move em up to their normal sell-price-range.

      SOrry ya missed the giveaway. Lots were given away to different folks; dj’s, producers, fans.. :)

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