4 comments on “How to Swang Out the Beats (StrangeFlow’s 2nd Electro Swing Tutorial)

  1. Perfect bro,
    Great job…I’ll spend more more time on it during my holidays and once I get something happening I’ll shoot it across to you soon

    thanks heaps

    • would love to hear your swang-a-langin’ beats man! feel free to hit me up if ya need anymore advice or help. Really glad ya dug the article :) !!!


  2. Hi,
    really cool, i love your first pack.
    I have just a legal question: how do you know that you are allowed to use original music material and how can you asure that your sample is copy right free?

    • Good question!

      If it comes to my attention that ANYTHING in any of my sample packs are NOT legal, I will immediately take the necessary actions and delete the files that are not allowed.

      These samples (or, rather, the songs you are referring to in the electro swing packs) can be confirmed individually as copyright-free and/or public domain and/or copyright-expired. You can check them out if you’re unsure, there are lots of different websites to check em out, if you want to go online to figure it out—the good thing about selling samples like these is that there are a suprising amount of tracks from the 20s and 30s that are available to put into sample format, legally… For example, it would be much harder if I was going to do something like… “StrangeFlow’s Authentic Classic Rock Samples,” or, “StrangeFlow’s Authentic Eminem Samples.” You know what I mean?

      Having said that, all the samples on the electro swing sample pack you enjoyed came from a source where their legality was confirmed. The LAST thing I want to do is break any laws, especially considering how many people frequent this site.

      Thanks for the question!! :)

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