16 comments on “Simteks + StrangeFlow Unleash North Korean Neuro BASS Bombz From Outer Space (New Samples!)

  1. Oh wow, Simteks+StrangeFlow is a very logical teamup. Never heard of a samplepack team up before, sounds sick. ALSO glad to hear you dismantled North Korean’ bass bombs capabilitys, good job space spies! lmao

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    • Yes they’re from Space.. and North Korea… and, the rumor that you just started that KOAN Sound bought from us, hmmm, damn, I wish I ha thought of that rumor, that’s a good one! ;)

  5. Awesome stuff, good job Bass SPYS! Keep up this most important of missions. Samples are great, good thing they’re not in north Korea’s hands no more!

  6. These samples + the juke ones are pretty darn good.. I dont know t the other ones, I only tried these (and the other free samples,, hahah) but yep, these north korean neuro ones are fun…

    btw, I am completely going to help spread the rumor that koan sound bought this package, too. if you don’t mind. im also going to mention that if you ask Bassadelic, they will flatly deny the rumor. So don’t think you’ll be able to deny it and get away with it, space spys! mua ha ha ha.

    Alright, thought I’d drop some love on ya, enjoyin the packages. see you later!


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